Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's all happening in Ladywell!

With a new patisserie/creperie opening in a few weeks in the former 'Masons' unit, the streetscape improvements now underway and the eyesore Snack Bar building up for sale at last, 2013 looks like being a very positive year for Ladywell Village.
Robert Sheppard

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Masons to reopen as Patisserie

Redecoration carrying on apace today
Local businesses in Ladywell confirm that the former Masons bar/restaurant has new tenants and will open, probably in mid-March, as French patisserie and fresh food store, which will be open every day until 8.00pm.
It seems the new business will not sell booze for consumption on the premises, something that will disappoint those who point out this site is an ideal place for a drink, esp. during the Summer, on the way back from the Station.
Empty business units are a blight on the Ladywell streetscape so LVIG is very pleased that these premises will soon be back in use.
We wish the new venture every success.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Work on Coral flats now underway

The Council has withdrawn its application for an Empty Dwelling Management Order (EDMO) in relation to the flats above Coral because works on-site are progressing well.  Had it not done this, the Council's application was likely to have been struck out by the Tribunal.
The Council has indicated that, should the works stall, it is prepared to resubmit the case for hearing - and any failure on Coomes part to progress these works to a satisfactory conclusion will strengthen the Council's hand against them in future.
There is no evidence yet of improvements to the exterior of the building, though these would be considered necessary if the flats are to be fully pigeon-proof and fit for human habitation.
Reports of apparent progress on this case are welcomed.  Any queries should be directed to
Robert Sheppard

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ladywell improvements - Streetworks now imminent

The Council has indicated that the streetscape work will be completed this Spring in five phases, starting at Algernon Road, then progressing into Ladywell Road east by the railway bridge then working west towards the mini-roundabout at the junction of Adelaide Avenue. The provisional schedule (which has yet to be signed-off with the contactor, London Buses and various underground service providers) is as follows - but may change during the course of the works:
1. Works at the Algernon Road (eastern) end of the scheme will start within the next week or so, probably on 11 or 18 February, with drainage works incl. the moving of gullies to new kerb alignment positions.
2. Footpath and kerbing works in Algernon Road will commence from 26 February. All property owners at 251-259 Algernon Road (incl. the Post Office and Barbers) have given permission for their forecourts to be repaved so the whole of this pavement from kerb to buildings will be one neat stretch of paving rather than the current hotch-potch. This is splendid news and will look great when completed!
3. On 1 March there will be road closure on Algernon Road to enable sewer works, and drainage works will continue to 8 March.
4. 8-26 March - lowering of Algernon Road carriageway and construction of speed tables at Gillian Street, Mercy Terrace and Algernon Road
5. 18 March - work on Ladywell Road will commence, with two way lights for the most part, but complete closure for periods of time if necessary.
For a reminder about the project see the item on the Council website.  Should you have any detailed questions/issues you can email
Robert Sheppard